Magnetic Drilling Machine - Smarter Solution for A Smarter Output

3keego Magnetic drilling machine SMD35B

3keego magnetic drilling machine provides a smarter solution for a smarter output.


Smarter Solution For A Smarter Output

Magnetic drilling machines are one of the popular products of 3keego, with a wide range of drilling machines to choose from depending on what type of working conditions. From smallest holes to narrow and large working space, 3keego got it for you.

Product List

3keego Magnetic drilling machine SMD75B

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD25

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD50B

3keego magnetic drilling machine SMD35B

Power and Durability

3keego's magnetic drilling machine is the solution for any challenging job on site. We specialize in the manufacturing of magnetic drilling machines and so concentrate our main focus on this product line.

Drilling Solutions

3keego magnetic drilling machine power and durability.

3keego magnetic drilling machine with high quality for professional applications.

Machines Highlights

  • High quality 100% guaranteed.
  • Accurate drilling.
  • High stability and reliability.
  • Smart overheating protection.

3keego Capability

| 3keego Magnetic Drilling Machine SMD35 and SMD50B Video

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