How to Drill Rebar (reinforcing bar) Embedded in Concrete? (With Video)

How to drill rebar embedded in concrete?

[Steps of Drilling Rebar in Concrete by Rebar Cutter]

  1. Start drilling the Concrete
  2. - Mark the SDS hammer drill bit to the position (drilling depth) you want.

    - Turn the rotary hammer drill to hammer drill mode.

    - Start drilling at a slower speed.

  3. Stop drilling when the hammer drill bit encountered the rebar steel
  4. Replace the hammer drill bit with rebar cutter
  5. - Turn the rotary hammer drill to Rotary mode.

    - Start drilling and apply just enough pressure to drill the rebar.

  6. Stop drilling when rebar cutter passes through the rebar steel
  7. - Switch the rebar cutter back to the SDS hammer drill bit.

    - Turn the rotary hammer drill to hammer drill mode.

  8. Continue drilling until the hammer drill bit passes through the concrete.
  9. The performance is high when the is aligned straight to the rebar steel.

[ [ Highlight ] ]

3keego HAA rebar cutter can drill rebar together with concrete.
There is a high chance to hit rebar steel when drilling into concrete. Also, it is hard to align straight to the rebar steel without locating rebar by detector or scanner. However, most rebar cutter will break easily if drilling concrete beside rebar.

Differ from this, 3keego HAA Rebar Cutterno matter aligned straight to the rebar or not,  is designed to drill through rebar steel together with concrete beside with durability and best performance. 

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3keego provides SDS Plus Rebar Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Tipped teeth for durability. You can search more information on our product page of HAA Rebar Cutter.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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